15 March 2016

Timing is everything

Daylight Savings time got me thinking of how important even that one hour is. And how one moment can change your life. One thing I love about what I do is the opportunity to travel to places I’d never have had the chance to see. A few years back we were booked to perform a... Read More
07 March 2016

Movie Music Landscaping

Everyone asks me how I compose. The other day I wrote about Ennio Marricone, the Oscar-winning composer who wrote the track to nearly 500 films including this year’s ‘Hateful Eight.’ Last weekend I wrote a soundtrack to a short film called ‘October 9th’. And, because I’ve been asked often about my process when I compose... Read More
27 September 2015

Classical guitarist injects creativity

Music Review Promusica Saturday, May 10, 2008 3:05 AM By Barbara Zuck For The Columbus Dispatch Was that toe-tapping at last night’s ProMusica Chamber Orchestra concert?Those unfamiliar with the styleof Robert Michaels, a guitarist with a large stylistic vocabulary, may have been a bit surprised at what they heard and, in understated fashion, saw at... Read More
27 September 2015

Flamenco trio stole the show

BY EDWARD WILLETT, THE LEADER-POST OCTOBER 12, 2009 Flamenco Fire! Robert Michaels with the Regina Symphony Orchestra It’s a cliche, after a concert on a chilly Saskatchewan night, to say something about the performer heating things up inside despite the world outside having turned prematurely white. But if there were ever a performer to whom... Read More
27 September 2015

Guitarist Robert Michaels was a summer delight

Friday evening in Dvorak Hall at Doudna Fine Arts Center in Charleston was the last of the summer’s 2012 premiere events. It was truly “the last of summer wine” with the world-renown guitarist and vocalist, Robert Michaels. Prior to the performance a cookout was hosted by the Fine Arts Center for guests of this premiere... Read More
24 September 2015

Me and My Guitar – Part 2

As we left it last time, I had just given back the guitar I had borrowed from my friend Joe. I didn’t have any funds to go out and buy a guitar on my own, and as I mentioned my parents were reluctant to do so. I had some books to help me teach myself... Read More
24 September 2015

Me and My Guitar – Part 1

I thought it would be nice to tell you my story, and give you some insight into the journey the guitar and I have experienced throughout my life. Over a few blog posts the story will unfold and I will bring you along for the ride! I guess the best place to start is at... Read More
24 September 2015

New Music Video – Sunchild

During these long winter months, I like to listen songs that take me back to the summer; lying on the beach, soaking in the sun, relaxing. As we start leaving the freezing cold grip of winter, I can imagine playing guitar by the ocean in Spain, channeling Flamenco music with a Reggae influence..wait, I did... Read More
1-Cafe Allegro……………………………………To Buy Select Icon ——–> // Allegro
  1. 1-Cafe Allegro……………………………………To Buy Select Icon ——–> // Allegro
  2. 2-Charanga // Allegro
  3. 3-Classical Gas // Allegro
  4. 4-Cubano // Allegro
  5. 5-Desert Chase // Allegro
  6. 6-Armando’s Market // Allegro
  7. 7-Bomp // Allegro