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24 September 2015

Me and My Guitar – Part 2

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How I made my dream to learn to play a reality

As we left it last time, I had just given back the guitar I had borrowed from my friend Joe. I didn’t have any funds to go out and buy a guitar on my own, and as I mentioned my parents were reluctant to do so. I had some books to help me teach myself to play, but no instrument to actually learn on. I was really disappointed about having to give back the guitar! At the same time, borrowing the guitar had only strengthened my need and desire to play. The small amount I had learned while it was in my possession left no doubt in my mind: I knew I had to keep playing. I was extremely desperate, and it was in this desperation that I went into the basement and I found a scrap piece of wood. I nailed some strings to it, and I drew some frets on it. And there you have it, my first guitar!

Now, this wasn’t an actual guitar that produced sound. It was really just a guitar fingerboard that enabled me to continue on with my learning of how to play the instrument. With frets and strings I was able to figure out where to place my fingers to pluck the notes that I needed to know and understand. After about a month or two of using it, my makeshift instrument paid off in a big way. I guess my mother saw my desperation, and so finally bought me an actual guitar! That was really exciting for me. In fact, at that point in time, it was the best day of my life!

So now that I had a guitar, I could really get down and immerse myself and learn everything about the instrument and playing it.

And there you have it! Thank you for reading, and as always, feel free to click on this Link for a bundle of free tracks, off of various albums of mine.

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  5. 5-Desert Chase // Allegro
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  7. 7-Bomp // Allegro