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24 September 2015

New Music Video – Sunchild

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During these long winter months, I like to listen songs that take me back to the summer; lying on the beach, soaking in the sun, relaxing.

As we start leaving the freezing cold grip of winter, I can imagine playing guitar by the ocean in Spain, channeling Flamenco music with a Reggae influence..wait, I did do that!

Whether you like to chill out with World music and instrumentals, are looking for something to meditate to, or just want to jump forward a few more weeks as the heat sinks in for the Spring, take a listen and enjoy my new Music Video,

The song is from my album Allegro; you can get a free sample of some songs, including one from that same album Right Here.

Enjoy, and see you on the beach!
Robert Michaels

P.S. Send this to a friend that could use a break