The Symphony Shows

“Flamenco Fire” and “Via Italia” are the latest in the exciting Pop series concerts created by Robert Michaels.


I'm writing to say how pleased everyone was with your performance with the Danville Symphony Orchestra.As was obvious by the reaction of our audience, your arrangements and playing as well as singing were a huge hit. To be honest, I had a few reservations about how the charts and the style of music would be received by our somewhat typical older audience. But as you promised, they totally loved it and stood up to show you. Your educational presentation to our high school Spanish students was also a tremendous success. I do think that other orchestras and audiences will find your show highly satisfying and that Flamenco Fire fits an important niche in pop and light classical programming. I encourage music directors, executive directors and arts administrators to seriously consider the show for their seasons. If I can be of help in answering any questions that might come up, please feel free to have anyone contact me.

Jeremy Swerling

Designation: Music Director Danville Symphony Orchestra (IL)

As the Executive Director of the Regina Symphony Orchestra, I would like to strongly recommend Robert Michaels and his stage show to other orchestras. Robert Michaels and his trio are talented and crowd-pleasing performers that the patrons of the Regina Symphony Orchestra had the opportunity to experience during our October 10th, concert, Flamenco Fire. With beautiful orchestral arrangements, Michaels and his trio took the audience on an exotic musical journey far from the cold autumn prairies. The addition of Flamenco dancing, performed by Michaels’ own daughter, made this fiery evening even more authentic and visually-engaging. Michaels’ is easy to work with, professional, and a pleasure to have around.

Victor Sawa

Designation: Music Director

It was my great joy, pleasure and privilege to collaborate with the astonishing virtuoso guitarist Robert Michaels. He is an artist of the highest caliber - a unique voice in the world of music both as a composer and a most enthralling performer who magnificently blends several captivating styles. He shares all of his being with electric energy and heartfelt enthusiasm. He connects with his audience at the deepest levels, whether elementary school students during a community engagement concert or with sophisticated classical music lovers at an orchestral gala. And he does all of this with a wonderful kindness and sense of humanity. Engage him . . . you'll be glad that you did. In the world of orchestras always looking for innovative programming, I can guarantee you that Robert Michaels and his colleagues put on one heck of a show!

Timothy Russell

Designation: Music Director ProMusica Chamber Orchestra of Columbus, Ohio.

Robert Michaels is not only a great musician but a consummate performer and showman. He will have your audience on their feet cheering from the first chord to the final encore. Rob is easy going yet is a total professional focused on making sure the detail is right. He is a delight to work with and puts everyone at ease. After the concert, all I heard was “when is he coming back?”

Stephen Eva

Designation: Musical Director, Chagrin Studio Orchestra