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15 March 2016

Timing is everything

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Daylight Savings time got me thinking of how important even that one hour is. And how one moment can change your life. One thing I love about what I do is the opportunity to travel to places I’d never have had the chance to see. A few years back we were booked to perform a live concert in Valdez, Alaska (population under 4,000).

Valdez had already had 30 feet (feet, yes, feet) of snow. And so, due to unpredictable weather in Alaska, we were told to come a day ahead of our show.

After flying from Anchorage into Valdez on what locals call a ‘puddle jumper’ (a small plane that allows people to get to, well, any where, in the far north) we rented an SUV and headed to our hotel.

The snow was unlike anything I’d seen before. The plowed snow towered over us as we drove, but it was a clear, and relatively warm day for Valdez.

Alaska 2012-30 feet of snow stopsign

Stop sign peeking out from snow drift

Alaska 2012 Valdez Harbour

Alaska 2012 Valdez Harbour

When we reached the hotel, the band and I all piled out of our SUV, got the instruments and equipment out, and went into the hotel and started to check in.

One of the hotel workers came up to us and said, “Is that your SUV parked our front?”We quickly assured him we’d move it as soon as we were finished checking in.

“Oh, no, a little bit of snow fell off the roof and hit your vehicle,” he said.

Oh, a little bit of snow, no big deal, right?

We looked out the window.

The people of Valdez, Alaska, clearly see a ‘little bit of snow’ much differently than folks in my neck of the woods. Our SUV, crushed by a slab of snow that came off the roof, and right into the passenger side where I was sitting just a few moments before. A piece of ice, 8 inches thick by about a foot wide had crashed through the window. It would have impaled me.

Valdez Snow Damage

Valdez Snow Damage

As a guitarist I know a thing or two about timing, and trust me, timing was everything that day.


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